iPhoneBrowser 1.9

Accesses and manages files on an iPhone
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Manipulate the data stored on any compatible iPhone model by connecting it to a personal computer and managing files in the special GUI setup. The suite features an option to convert to iPhone PNG, remove backup folders, save copies of sensitive files, correct CRC, etc.

The iPhoneBrowser is a windows-based application that can browse the iPhone. The application takes advantage of a component called manzana.dll, which has nothing to do with an apple, but works with this apple device. iPhoneBrowser will install a Windows Explorer-like application on your computer. From there, once you connect your phone to the computer, you will be able to see all the files on your devices memory storage. Although it isn't as intuitive as browsing your PC, you still can get any file you want. You can also copy and paste files and move them around. There are even icon thumbnails of pictures and other images on your mobile device. On the left of the GUI, you see all the folders on your iPhone, and on the right you see the files and their contents. You get a detailed view of the files selected at the bottom right of the corner. This application is great for moving data to your iPhone or simply for backing up or restoring your files. A simple backup can take a long time, though.

José Fernández
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